Tips how to create remarkable Positive impact On Your Potential Audience At exhibitions

Maximize your space – Confirm the size of your stand area with the organizers. Get all the measurements such as the height of your stand area. You can take advantage of a high ceiling space by building a high arch for your logo or brand name for instance, or putting a tall tower with a rotating sign. This will create a lighthouse effect which will lead your target to your stand apart booth.

For the new competitive Age, using exciting design and originality to help customers present there products and services and make key business exhibition design marketing actions is a challenging task. If you can not afford such sophisticated customizations, you can focus on having mote simple structures using wallpaper artworks and renting LED screens instead. These elements should prominently present your brand name, logo, taglines and other promotional messages. Having bespoke furniture that complements your brand colors can also help.

Creatively customized exhibition design__

Your efforts should not end at putting up a high visible exhibition stand though. You should also designate your people to different parts of the venue. Provide them logo-bearing t shirts so event-goers can recognize and associate them to your brand easily.

Franco Stera is Executive Marketing Director at Marketing/Creative Services Activteam on site help and support, assist across exhibitions, exhibitors brand and exhibition marketing objectives.