Top 15 Question

Qustion 1 : How much will it cost to implement any or all of your systems?
Qustion 2 : Can anyone use your system to make money at home in their underwear?
Qustion 3 : Can I use your system while I’m still forced to work at my job that I hate and can’t wait to quit?
Qustion 4 : I don’t know anything about direct marketing. Can I still use direct marketing to make money in my underwear?
Qustion 5 : What if I don’t have any product to sell?
Qustion 6 : Can I really gain the personal and financial freedom I want so badly I can taste it? I don’t want to live as a wage slave my whole life. Can you help me?
Qustion 7 : Does your system deal with direct mail only, or does it cover how to make money in my underwear on the Internet too?
Qustion 8 : Do I have to be good with computers and technology to make money in my underwear on the Internet?
Qustion 9 : How long does it take to begin to see results?
Qustion 10 : Do you provide any type of guarantee?
Qustion 11 : What is so special about your methods? Why is your system better than the standard marketing techniques used by ad agencies or taught in business schools and big corporations?
Qustion 12 : Couldn’t I just figure this out on my own? Why should I pay you?
Qustion 13 : How do I know your stuff works? Why should I believe you? No offense or anything, but I’ve been burned before and am very skeptical.
Qustion 14 : Do you provide any kind of support after I buy your program, or are we left out here on our own?
Qustion 15 : Can I afford to pass this by?

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