Increase the strength of your brand stay in the minds of customers

In a B2B exhibition, you are in reality selling to other people, so it is important to make the visitor buy into your company and products OR services on a personal level. Rather than using a push strategy and reading out from a scripted sales pitch, try to understand the visitors demands first before offering a solution. If you solve a need through your solution, rather than just highlight the features and benefits of your products or services, you are more likely to receive a sale.

Today corporations businesses are facing increased global competition, results in short product life cycles. The current situation demand firms to focus more on marketing and how to communicate with the customer.

Brand attention is a common measure of marketing communication effectiveness and is correlated to the strength of the brand presence in the mind of the consumer.

One of the first activities in the buying process is often to select a group of brands to be regarded. Usually, the customer will not be exposed to several brand names during the process, except from happen stance. The first supplier which comes to customers mind will then have an advantage.

The potency of a brand lies in what resides in the minds of customers. The challenge for marketers in creating a strong brand is guaranteeing customers have the right type of experiences with products and services and their accompanying marketing programs so that the desired thoughts, feelings, images, beliefs, perceptions, opinions, and so one become linked to the brand.

Marketing in a B2C world is one-way interaction to a inactive customer whereas in a B2B the buyer is active and interactions take place. In relation to pricing the B2B marketer need to prove the difference between their product and the competitor products to the buyer based on hard facts. Marketers in B2C an often rely solely on the brand, advertising and marketing and consumers emotions and the consumers buying decisions is dominated by the initial purchase price.

The effectiveness of a brand lies in what rests in the minds of customers. The difficulty for marketers in developing a strong brand is ensuring that customers have the right type of experiences with products and services and their associated marketing programs so that the desired thoughts, feelings, imagery, beliefs, awareness, opinions, and so one become connected to the brand. Brand recognition is the potential buyer ability to recall and/or recognize that the brand is a member of a certain product category and that there is a link between the brand and the product class.

Irena Dora is an exhibition marketing and advertising specialist, her strategy is to boost branding.
Branding creates brand equity, the amount of money that buyers are likely to pay buying products from the brand. Specify What does a brand deliver superior to all of its competitors. A big part of brand marketing is made from exhibition presentations, that is why exhibition stand design is a very relevant factor for brand recognition.

The two main key dimensions that distinguish brand recognition, depth and breadth. The depth of brand awareness refers to how easy it is for potential customers to recall or identify the brand. Breadth of brand awareness refers to the range of consumptions and purchase situations where the brands come to the clients.

A highly prominent brand is a brand with both breadth and depth of brand awareness. Not only has the brand to , top of mind, but will also do so at the right place at the right time. Many products and brands are unnoticed and forgotten in possible usage situations and increasing the salience of the brand in those settings may also help in driving consumption and increase sales volume.