Testimonial Success Stories

One of the great changes is that I can work at home and spend a lot more time with my wife. One of Jeff’s ideas cost me nothing and after 7-10 days we had about 250 people who turned into about $14,000. A lot of this information...you’re not going to find anywhere else. We bought a piece of property on the Columbia river, I have 5 children and now I don’t have to worry about paying for their college tuition.

Michael J – Washington

I was a mill worker. I put out a product and in less than 2 weeks I made $38,000. I got the hell out of the mill. You just follow the steps 1-2-3, if you can do that, you can make a profit. There’s no risk, get this program and study it for yourself and see what you can do with your life, it’s totally up to you right now.

John LaTourette – Oregon

Once the money started rolling in it was a totally different lifestyle for me. Every purchase had been budgeted out. Heaven forbid the car should break down, where would the money come from to fix it? We didn’t know. Now, we put a $100,000 addition on the home with no arguments about furnishing it. We put a hot tub and pond in the back yard too!

Ron R – Toronto

In the first 48 hours I made $16,000. Regardless of the economy, I know I can make money. I was working 9-5, commuting 30-40 minutes a day. I realized I didn’t want to work for somebody else the rest of my life. I had no prior business experience at all. If you don’t have a product it’s not a problem because the system teaches you how to get one. It’s totally different than anything else out there. I just bought an Audi TT Convertible. In the last 2 years I’ve made over $500,000.00! My business is completely automated. I wake up in the morning and there are orders coming in. It’s incredible. Jeff’s system shows you how to do that. I project I’ll make over $600,000.00 over the next year. The best thing is the speed at which you can make money. Jeff takes you step-by-step by grabbing you by the hand and showing you how to make money quickly, and it totally eliminates the learning curve. There’s nothing to risk, it’s guaranteed.

Josh B – Colorado

I can stay at home in my robe and the phone rings with people wanting to do business with me. I can’t say enough about the lifestyle. When I was just scraping by and hardly surviving, I look back and I’ll never forget when I made 8000 in ONE day...ONE DAY! I was a stay-at-home mom when things changed drastically. My marriage failed and I became a single mom. I got a full time job and was miserable. I went from happy seeing my daughter grow up to completely missing it. I had hit rock bottom, living off credit cards, my income was virtually nothing and didn’t know what i was going to do. I took a leap of faith and got Jeff’s system and it completely changed my life. I had been desperate and wanted someone to remove all my problems. As result of the system, I found out I could do it myself It’s the best gift not only that I could give to myself, but my daughter as well. It was also good to know I could call a team of professionals to help me out that had the knowledge and experience when I needed help.

Ardy S – New Mexico

We made about $2,400 in the first 14 days. The first time using the system I made over $7,400. You don’t have to do any face-to-face selling. I didn’t have a product to offer but the system showed me where to find them. The system taught me exactly what I needed to do. We basically went out and bought a $32,000 car and paid cash for it. The information I got from this system is priceless. I’m thrilled, this is the best decision I’ve ever made.

Ron I – Ohio

Right now the business is grossing between $10-$20,000 a month. I do business in my pajamas on a regular basis, it’s a very relaxing environment. I was able to buy an expensive $3,400 watch.

John M – California

Jeff gave me everything that I needed to make money. How to find products, how to create products and how to do it over and over again. We’re earning over $10,000 a month on the Internet and the money is automatically deposited into our account within 48 hours of earning it. It doesn’t take any prior experience. This is real and is something that can really work for you. The system gave me everything I needed to make a success of this business. I would say that for anyone out there looking for business that they could start with low overhead, low expenses that they could start in their spare time and make a lot of money, that this is it.

Dave W – Georgia

It’s the ultimate freedom machine. I’m no Einstein, I’m no genius and I’ve been able to put this together and it’s working for me. People are looking for the simple, sincere things in life and this system gives it to you. If I can do it, anyone can because I’m just an old contractor. Instead of getting nasty letters and bill collection notices, now I get checks! I operate strictly out of my home. I make around $1,800 per day and now I’m completely independent.

Mike M – California

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