The Jeff Paul System

The Quickest Easiest System for Making Money At Home,
Part or Full-time…
GUARANTEED! Over 125,000 Sold!

Make Money In Your Underwear Includes… 

  • The Jeff Paul Tells All – “How To Make Money Quick And Easy Sitting At Your Kitchen Table In Your Underwear Manual
    – Jealously Guarded Secrets, Formulas, Shortcuts And Strategies For Instant Cash!
  • Quick Start DVD And CD Lessons
  • The Beginner’s Instant Fast Start Guide And Toolkit
  • Stuff Your Mailbox With Cash – 15 Complete Step-By-Step Plans To Mail Order Riches!
  • 537 Ready-To-Sell Reports That Turn Pennies Into Hundred Dollar Bills! A Complete Advertising And Marketing Guide With 537 Reports All Ready For You To Sell On A CD!
  • Free Gift Number Three! Follow-Up Phone Support!
  • How To Make Money Quick And Easy Sitting At Your Kitchen Table In Your Underwear On The Internet!
  • Confidential Directory Of Hot Markets! Where To Generate Quick Cash By Advertising Dirt Cheap In Hyper-Responsive Little Known Niche Markets!
  • Confidential Guide To Products On-Demand! How To Easily And Quickly Find Or Create Shockingly High-Profit Products That Sell Like Crazy


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How to Make Money Quick and Easy Sitting at Your Kitchen Table in Your Underwear Manual
—jealously guarded secrets, formulas, shortcuts, and strategies for instant cash!

How to Make Money Quick
and Easy Sitting at Your Kitchen Table
in Your Underwear Manual
—jealously guarded secrets, formulas,
shortcuts, and strategies for instant cash!

In the first Manual, I’ve put together a complete guidebook that reveals the details of my system.

In this book you’ll be shown things like:

  • The secret of target markets…and which ones to sell to and which ones to avoid!
  • Samples of the ads I used to start my multi, multi-million dollar business!
  • The seven little words to add to your ads that will increase response by as much as 2000%!
  • The secrets of putting your business on auto-pilot so you can make money…and not even be around!
  • All my secrets of “emotional direct response marketing” that’ll allow you to make more money in a month than most people make all year…sitting around your kitchen table…IN YOUR UNDERWEAR!
  • The secret of which lists to sell to…and the amazing secret of selling to hot, hot, buyers!
  • The little known secret of contacting people that will double or triple your sales for almost no cost!
  • The secret places to advertise dirt cheap, that you will find little or no competition in!
  • How to create a business where you don’t have to carry any inventory and be able to deliver products on demand! This secret alone is worth 10,000 times the low cost of my course!
  • And much more!

In this book you’ll see the whole story, everything I’ve learned and taught to thousands of people just like you. People who had no previous experience with this amazing marketing system and who have been able to copy what I teach for themselves!

With this comprehensive Manual, you have every detail of how I built and operate my business. I’ll bet there are big-bucks franchises where you don’t get this much information! There’s nowhere else to learn these insider secrets that up until now, only those in the BIG LEAGUES like me have kept these secrets jealously guarded! Now, will get the inside scoop that was previously unavailable at any price! This book alone is worth the paltry price I’m asking for my whole System. But wait…there’s much more you get included when you buy this Course!

Quick Start DVD,
and CD Lessons!

In order to make this System so easy for you to learn, I created a DVD and a CD with the host of my TV commercial, Rex Judd. These two items walk you through my system, give you the highlights and show you all kinds of details along with my explanation so you get a complete understanding of everything in my System!

For example, in the video quick start lesson, I show you the inside secrets about creating and finding products to sell in no time! You’ll see me reveal my best kept product making secrets that’ll shock you a bit, especially when you see how EASY and QUICK it is to get products to sell into hot target markets!

We shot his part on video, so you would not only hear me explain all my secrets of product getting…but you get to have me show you what I’m talking about so you can see everything first hand, as if I was there with you in the same room, explaining and demonstrating my secrets to you in person!

These two tapes lets you listen and listen conveniently … replay the parts you need to … go through everything at your own pace. While you’re driving in your car, instead of listening to some dumb radio show or tunes, which bring you no money…you can now listen and learn all the tiny details of how to start your own dream of being at home bringing in more money than you could ever make working your butt off in other businesses or working for someone else!

The Beginner’s Instant Fast Start
Guide and Toolkit

Written in plain English, and set up in a “Cliff Notes” short and quick format, this Guide takes you through a 17 day, step by step plan to catapult you to financial freedom!

This Quick Start Guide gives you the QUICK STEPS TO QUICK PROFITS, just as if I were there with you, telling you exactly what to do to get started. In quick digestible bites, this Guide puts you on the fast track to making your Mail order business a success!

You’ll discover the path of least resistance to get your business up and running in no time! You’ll learn what to do and NOT TO DO, so you don’t waste any time with things that don’t work! I’ll personally guide you through my Direct Marketing Success System. You’ll know step by step what to do. It’s like having me come into your home and talk you through the System!

In this guide, you’ll be shown things like:

  • Part 1 – Jump Starting Your Business!
  • Day 1: Getting Up To Speed – Part I!
  • Day 2: Getting Up To Speed – Part II!
  • Day 3: How To Quickly Find Ads That Work
  • Day 4: What Type Of Ad? Where To Advertise?
  • Day 5: Who Are Your Customers & Why Will They Buy From You?
  • Day 6: What Makes You Unique? (Your USP)
  • Day 7: Creating A Headline That Gets Attention!
  • Day 15: How To Advertise For FREE
  • And more!

See, I know that you want to get going quickly, and my Quick Start Guide is the best way to jump start your business as fast as humanly possible!

Don’t leave yet…because there’s still way more incredible info I’ve put into this amazing Course!

Secrets to 
Making Money
Quick and Easy 
The Internet!

I have discovered that my System works just as well on-line as it does off-line…if you do it correctly! What’s “correctly?” Well, it’s interesting, but the same stuff that doesn’t work off-line, also doesn’t work on-line. And, the same stuff that DOES work off-line, DOES work on-line!

It’s incredible but true! I’ve discovered a ton of amazing Internet marketing secrets that make my System work just as well on-line…adding a whole new dimension and many additional ways to sit around and make money at home in your underwear! In this brand new, updated Internet Marketing Guide, you’ll learn things you won’t hear anywhere else like:

  • Why most web sites suck…and how to avoid making these critical mistakes that will destroy any chance of making money in your underwear on-line!
  • The secrets of home based web marketing, making money in your underwear!
  • The email marketing secrets that assure you make money automatically with email!
  • How to harness the power of emotional direct response marketing on-line!
  • How to double or triple your orders from on-line customers!
  • The real purpose of web sites, and how this secret can change your life forever!
  • The truth about search engines and on-line directory, and why if you believe all the crap you’ve been told about them will cost you a fortune…and what you should know and do instead with search engines you won’t discover anywhere else! (Hint – This information alone will make or break your Internet money making machine!)
  • How to advertise for no cost, totally FREE…on the Internet, so you can make sale after sale without a risking a penny in advertising costs!
  • 101 emotional direct response marketing opportunities you can make money with instantly on-line!
  • The best target markets to sell to on-line!A special guide to making money with on-line auctions that is so easy to do that you can let your kids handle it and have money rolling in just a few weeks! (You should buy my course just for this one remarkable auction guide all by itself! We literally have teenagers take this one section and have checks showing up in their mail box in a matter of a week or two!)
  • And much more!

If you want to join the 21st Century, and make money in your underwear on-line…this book is just what you wanted! I have perfected this Internet money making System…and I have communicated it to you in a way that is not technical, but in simple plain English!

Confidential Directory of Hot Markets!
Where to Generate Quick Cash
by Advertising Dirt-Cheap in
Hyper-responsive Little Known
Niche Markets!

In this 52 page directory, you’ll be given hundreds of specific, HOT target markets you can sell to, and what publications exist in those target markets, as well how to quickly and simply find thousands more HOT target markets to sell to! I’ve given you the key to the vault of profits with this Guide to Hot Target Markets!

You’ll learn not only how to find Hot Target Markets…but I’ll even give you Hot Target Markets to sell to! You know, I’ve been accused of making this too easy for you, but what the hey, I figure if I spoon feed you everything then maybe it’ll be easier to get you off your butt and start making money from home in your underwear!

I can’t imagine how much easier it would have been for me when I got started if I’d a had a directory like this to spoon food me all the info I had to dig out and search around for. Wow, I can’t believe how much simpler I’m making it for you. Are you lucky or what?

CONFIDENTIAL Guide to Products
On-Demand! How to Easily and Quickly
Find or Create Shockingly High-Profit Products That Sell Like Crazy!

OK. As I said a few minutes ago, many people think that finding or creating the high-profit products I show you how to sell in my system is hard, and that they can’t do it. So, in order to make this product creation/acquisition issue a no-brainer, I put together the best product making/finding guide I’ve ever seen anywhere!

One this I have to point out is that I DO NOT show you how to sell dumb, typical, “hard goods” like you see being peddled by some infomercial guys, who tell you to run 4 million classified ads and sell horses with clocks in their stomachs, cheap lighters and Christmas colored argyle socks. NO! I would never want you to misunderstand my System. My system doesn’t have anything to do with selling those cheapo trinkets that you get from a Chinese or Singapore distributor company to sell all that kind of hard goods crap.

Instead, I’ve put all the skinny together on how to get MY kind of incredibly high-profit margin products that you will NEVER find in any of those silly catalogs. In this 29 page guidebook, I show you EXACTLY how to create and find products to sell! In this guide I reveal things like:

  • My secret, sneaky method of finding people with products they would LOVE to have you sell, since they have good products and don’t know how to market!
  • How to get your customers to practically create your products for you!
  • Inside secrets of how to create products that sell for big bucks in only a few days!
  • How to ethically use other people’s knowledge to give you everything you need for your products!
  • The truth about getting the ability to sell other people’s products so you have INSTANT PRODUCTS!
  • An outline that shows you exactly how products should be set up to sell!
  • What the “speak and sneak” method of product creation is…and how to use it for INSTANT PRODUCT creation!
  • How to create or find one product…and use my secret “product multiplication” technique to get two or three additional products without doing a single stitch of additional work!
  • How to create products that can sell for as much as 100 TIMES over the actual cost of the product!
  • The best products to sell…and the worst products to sell!
  • How to create products that allow you to produce them ON-DEMAND, so you DO NOT have to keep inventory on hand! (Hint-This is HUGE! Not having money tied up in inventory, so you can use the money you would have otherwise tied up in inventory for MARKETING! This one piece of knowledge alone is worth all the gold in Fort Knox!)
  • And more!

Yes, learning how to get products using my simple, cheapo, and quick methods will solve all your concerns about having products to sell! All you have to do is read this guidebook, and you will be a product making and finding expert just like me! You’ll know more than 99% of the so-called “product experts” in corporate America!

You can duplicate my results with this System if you can read, listen to tapes and follow simple instructions! That’s all you need to be able to do.

Stuff Your Mailbox With Cash!
15 Complete Step-By-Step Plans
to Mail Order Riches!

This 71 page manual and instruction guide, is a 15 step plan to getting rich in direct mail.

I know, I know, direct mail is “old fashioned” and not as “cool” as the Internet or other more modern forms of marketing. But you know what? Direct mail is still the biggest direct marketing medium of them all, generating billions of dollars in sales each year! And, as a lazy person who wants to make money lounging around in your underwear…direct mail is still one of the best ways to make that happen!

In this manual, we’ll show you the inside secrets of direct mail including:

  • The true secrets behind money-making direct mail offers!
  • Where to get the best rates on advertising in magazines and newspapers!
  • The insiders’ knowledge of how to place direct mail advertising…and save 15% or more!
  • What the two-stage direct mail system is…and why it’s so much more effective than any other direct mail method!
  • The truth about mailing lists to explode your sales, that a list broker would never tell you! (Hint- They prefer it when people don’t know the real story about mailing lists so you’ll pay more than you should!)
  • What lists to use and what lists to never use!
  • The little known things to look for in mailing lists that can make the difference between good lists and bad lists you should know before you mail a single piece!
  • The secrets of direct mail letters that sell high-profit products like crazy! (You won’t get THIS information from a college professor or a corporate “marketing director”. They wouldn’t know a real, killer, emotional direct response sales letter if one jumped up and bit them on the butt!)
  • How to know whether to use labels, or use the “Aunt Martha” method of addressing envelopes to get increased responses!
  • The REAL way to figure the math of direct mail you won’t learn anywhere else! (Hint- You need to know this, because direct mail ends up being a function of some simple math, and if you follow the math you’ll learn about direct mail from books in the library or college!)
  • The “A” pile vs. “B” pile secrets of direct mail that can determine whether your direct mail promotions make a killing…or end up getting killed!
  • How to start a direct mail fortune with almost no cash!
  • Plus, a complete Beginner’s Mail Order Business Guide To Your Direct Mail Fortune!
    This special bonus gives you a checklist to follow on how to set up your direct mail empire out of your house right from the beginning!
  • You’ll learn how to avoid making “rookie” mistakes that can cost you a small fortune!
  • How to set up your own “in-house” advertising agency to save big money on your advertising!
  • A sample guide to effective direct mail advertising!
  • And much more!

This guide will literally show you how to stuff your mailbox so full of cash you’ll need to get a bigger box to handle all the mail with checks coming back to you!

537 Read-to-Sell Reports That Turn
Pennies into Hundred Dollar Bills!

A Complete Advertising and
Marketing Guide with 537 Reports
all Ready For You to Sell on a CD!

What’s this all about? Well, many of you want to have a product selection to sell INSTANTLY, as soon as you get my kit. So…in order to get you set up with instant products to sell, we’ve released one of our well hidden secrets for YOU to sell the second you get my program!

This collection of interesting, useful reports are all ready-to-sell, and come on a CD we give you so you can sell the reports individually…or all together on a CD! Yes, as a member of my program, you get to sell this group of 537 reports as if they were your own product!

We give you a guidebook with ads and ad templates to use to start making money instantly! You’ve got the ads, you’ve got the techniques and you’ve got the product masters to duplicate and sell!

Plus, you get to keep all the money you make when you sell the CD or individual reports! You keep every penny!

How sweet is that? How much easier could I make it for you? You will be an instant publishing business, sitting around that kitchen table, yes, in your underwear! I’ll bet you the biggest steak in Texas you didn’t think you could be in the publishing business in a matter of seconds, did you? Come on now, admit it. You had no idea you could be in business this fast, this easy, did you?

Well, as my FREE GIFT to you I’m going to get you set up in business right away, the minute my Course arrives at your front door!

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