My name is Jeff Paul. I’m now 47 years old. My wife Peggy and I have three boys. We live in a nice suburb of Chicago. I have an incredible life, and make more money in a month than most people make in a year, or even two years! But, it wasn’t always like that.

Back in 1991, I had accumulated OVER $100,000 in debt on credit cards…with no job, and a failing direct marketing business.

I was so broke I had to move into my sister-in-law’s basement with Peggy and the boys. Talk about being and feeling like the biggest loser on the planet.

But…only a little over one year after that, Peggy and I bought a $385,000.00 house with 50% down in cash – not bad for a family that was homeless, and sleeping in a relative’s basement just a year or so earlier!

And, just for accuracy’s sake, I’m actually writing this in my little office over my garage. I’m sitting in an old T-shirt and a beat up pair of jeans. (I haven’t taken a shower yet, but I guess I’ll have to in a little bit, because I have to go out for a golf lesson. I can sit here kind of slob-like, because I have money coming in, and I literally never have to see anyone or go anywhere for business!)

I have actually achieved the FANTASY of making a ton of money from a simple, easy, pleasant home-based business.

I say “FANTASY” because that’s what it is and remains for so many people. I can’t believe I’m writing this report and running the ads for it, because for so many years I was a “sucker” for “opportunities”. I was a get-rich-scheme junkie. I answered every ad. I devoured magazines like Moneymaking Opportunities, Income Opportunities, Spare Time and Entrepreneur. I sent away for reports, plans, reports, tapes, courses, even distributorships. Ten bucks here, twenty bucks there; God knows how many thousands total. And most everything I got was junk.

That was then.

Now…I am one of the most successful, REAL direct marketers out there; who has sold over $30,000,000 (that’s MILLION) worth of products directly, including thousands of $6,000 sets of golf clubs…and whose clients have sold HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS of products and services with my advice and secret methods, on-line and off line! This information is not THEORY or made up garbage. This is the real deal!

Let me give you some examples of what I have done myself, and what my clients have done, to rake in HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, all on auto-pilot with my secrets:

A one page ad that led to an infomercial, which sold $40,000,000 (yes that’s right, 40 MILLION DOLLARS) worth of video tapes in less than one year!

Banner ads and emails leading to a long form, on-line sales letter that sold thousands of $1,295 training courses, 100% on-line, with NO salespeople the customers could talk to! (Not even a phone number to call!)

An email that gets an 21% click-through to a web site that sell a $1,000 software deal, with no demo, no free trials…and gets 9% of the visitors to give us their credit card number and order…on the spot!

An ad crammed with copy in eight point type (which is this small, and that everybody who doesn’t know shit says no one will read) that sold just under 100,000 copies of my book, “How To Make $4,000 A Day Sitting At Your Kitchen Table In Your Underwear”, which led to sale of over 12,000 full blown training courses at $695!

A 24 page sales letter with no pictures, no testimonials, no endorsements, etc…that sells golf clubs for more than $6,000 a set! Without a putter. The putter is $400 more. (How many $6000 + sets of golf clubs have you seen sold strictly through the strength of the copy in a letter?)

A single 2 x 3 inch ad that started a $37 million dollar business that has 450 + offices and runs that same ad in all 450 newspapers EVERY DAY! (Pretty good, considering the client started working out of his house, with one ad and office only three years prior to this!)

I could go on, but I won’t bore you. I just wanted to make sure you know you’re dealing with a REAL person who does what I’m going to show you how to do every day! I risk REAL money, my money, doing exactly what I’m going to teach you how to do. I am not some asshole professor or “guru” who wants to look and sound important, but who’s never done what I’m teaching.

Keep in mind that not only have I done this in the past…I STILL DO IT ALL THE TIME!

Odds are, you now feel massive skepticism and doubt about me and I don’t blame you one bit. (Although I hope we can get past that.)

If you had told me then that I’d ever be writing and advertising anything like this, I would have laughed in your face.

But here I am. Now, why am I doing this?

Let me tell you – I sometimes ask myself that question. First of all, I really do not need the money I may make from sharing my System with others. And I am very, very big on avoiding aggravation at any and all costs, so I certainly do not have any desire to be famous.

The truth is: I feel like I’ve been so fortunate I ought to tell others who are like I was – sincere, ambitious, but struggling and wasting time and money on fool’s gold schemes – that I ought to tell you about what I’ve learned. Keeping it to myself seems selfish.

Oddly enough, as you’ll come to understand, telling you everything I know does NOT take anything away from me. I won’t be creating competitors for myself; it just doesn’t work that way. So there was no good reason NOT to reveal my “secrets”.

I did want to somehow test all this through and determine whether or not other people could learn and use my System BEFORE writing and advertising this report. So through the influence of my “mentor” in direct marketing, I got about 20 people together in the East, 30 or so in California, and I did two “Jeff Paul Tells All!” Seminars. We charged $795.00 per person. That’s a pretty gutsy price, isn’t it?

Frankly, I’d have done these for nothing just to get the guinea pigs to prove my System was duplicable but my “mentor” (who I’ll tell you about later) insisted we charge “decent” money. He argued for $4,000.00 per person. “You’re making that much EACH DAY,” he hollered, “surely we should make ’em pay that much to learn what you’re doing.” Well, somehow we compromised at $795.00. Anyway, I did these two Seminars, spilled my guts, handed out copies of all my stuff.

One guy went home and made $12,000.00 PROFIT in the next 18 days using just one part of my System. And now, we have thousands of people who, like me, are making money, quick and easy from their kitchen in their underwear!

Why not you? Why not step up to the plate, and take me up on my guaranteed offer to show you how you can make more money in a month than most people make all year…right from home, in your underwear? After all, the cost is less than taking the family out to dinner, and I back it up with an unconditional money back guarantee.

Click the order button NOW, while this is fresh on your mind! Why wait? If you wait a year from now, all you’ll be is a year older…and no closer to your dream of financial and personal freedom!

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