Top 15 Question

Qustion 1 : How much will it cost to implement any or all of your systems?
Answer : The expenses involved in getting things rolling will vary. Obviously, you will start with the options I give you that you can afford. You can use some of my techniques that will cost you zero! If you only have a few bucks, you can certainly get started. I started my multi-million dollar career in home based direct marketing with an ad that cost me $138. Having money isn’t the key…it’s having the knowledge that’s the key. I’ll give you the knowledge of my own special direct marketing secrets that will make you more money than by any other method…plus, if you’re working now, I’ll show you how to get a raise in your take-home pay without doing one lick of extra work to help you come up with money.
Qustion 2 : Can anyone use your system to make money at home in their underwear?
Answer : Absolutely! I’ve been teaching my system since 1994, and we’ve had many people use my system to make money from home in their underwear…just like me! You don’t need experience in business or direct marketing. All you need is to be able to read and listen to tapes. If you can do that and follow my simple, easy instructions…you too can be making money quick and easy in your underwear! The great news is that there’s really nothing to worry about any more! Once you get my system you can take a real deep breath and relax, because you’re on your path to finding a new way of living. A way of living in your house, sitting around in your underwear, if you like, making more money in a week than most people make all month or even all year. And you’ll see that anybody can do this. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist. You don’t have to know about writing. You don’t have to know about direct marketing. You don’t have to know anything. I’ll give you everything you need to know!
Qustion 3 : Can I use your system while I’m still forced to work at my job that I hate and can’t wait to quit?
Answer : Yes! Many of my successful students started using my system while working at some dead end job they hate, in their spare time. Since my system is so easy, so automated, and so low cost…anyone can get started in their spare time and have money coming in that’ll soon eclipse your income form your job, so you can quit and become your own boss full time!
Qustion 4 : I don’t know anything about direct marketing. Can I still use direct marketing to make money in my underwear?
Answer : Sure! See, you don’t need to know anything right now. I’ll teach you what you need to know the second you get my system and begin to go through it. You can easily learn the true secrets of successful direct marketing just like you learned how to use a telephone or how to drive a car. Any skill can be learned if the skill is easy, easy to learn…and taught by the right instructor who knows the right way to communicate concepts and show you how to do it. I know how to do this really, really well after having over 100,000 people buy my system. They say the teacher will appear when the student is ready. You are ready…and your teacher has appeared!
Qustion 5 : What if I don’t have any product to sell?
Answer : My good friend and business associate Dan Kennedy, always joke about the fact that there’s eight zillion products out there… everybody’s got products. Nobody knows how to sell them. See, we’re teaching you guys how to sell the products and that’s the biggest, the most important piece of information anybody will ever have! Please understand that finding the prod acts or creating the products is the easy part. The hard part is understanding how to market, how to find people that want to order stuff! But, rest assured we will show you how easy it is to create and/or find products to sell to hungry buyers with HUGE markups! (For example, I and my students regularly sell products for TEN TIMES (OR MORE) THE COST TO MAKE THE PRODUCT! We’ll show you everything you need to know about finding and creating products. Don’t worry about this. I know what you want and need to know about product finding…and have put all the answers into the system! Relax. It’s all there for you!
Qustion 6 : Can I really gain the personal and financial freedom I want so badly I can taste it? I don’t want to live as a wage slave my whole life. Can you help me?
Answer : Once you understand my system and use it…you’ll taste that personal and financial freedom virtually no one else will ever be able to have! Once you know you can get customers to order stuff at HUGE profit margins, and that you can do it in different markets at different times, that freedom is indescribable, because you don’t have to worry anymore! You don’t have to worry about your boss. You don’t have to worry about how we’re going to pay the bills. You won’t have to worry about credit card balances, because they’ll be paid off every month. Why won’t you have to worry any more? Because you know that you can create money out of thin air quickly and easily! Not too many people ever experience that kind of what I feel is the ULTIMATE FREEDOM…THE FREEDOM FROM WORRY!

See, when I have some cash flow problems or whatever – we all have ups and downs – it doesn’t matter, because I know in my heart that I can create money tomorrow by just running another ad and doing marketing! There is no feeling in the world better than being totally FREE! I can do whatever the hell I want, whenever the hell I want to do it. I don’t have to ask anyone, coordinate with anyone, or deal with anyone I don’t want to deal with! I don’t have to look at prices or worry about how much I spend, because there’s so much money, it just doesn’t matter. As long as I save a certain amount each month for the future…I can blow the rest and not give a damn! Let me tell you that this kind of personal and financial freedom is the ULTIMATE way to live! And…it an be YOUR life when you take that step and order my system!

Qustion 7 : Does your system deal with direct mail only, or does it cover how to make money in my underwear on the Internet too?
Answer : Yes, my system covers how to make money in your underwear with direct marketing in ALL types of medium. On the Internet, with ads, direct mail, email, etc. My system works in any medium because I have PERFECTED THE FORMULA FOR DIRECT MARKETING SUCCESS! My secret formula can be applied in any market in any medium. However you choose to use my system is up to you!
Qustion 8 : Do I have to be good with computers and technology to make money in my underwear on the Internet?
Answer : No! In fact, you don’t even need to own or use a computer to use my system on the Internet to make money in your underwear at home! Sure, it helps if you have a computer, but it is not necessary! See,, I’ll show you how to get things done on the Internet for you…so you don’t have to do anything like programming or other stuff that’s best left to the tech heads. (In fact, the ONLY thing I know how to do well with my computer is type on it.) I’ve made money with on-line systems that are done for me, and run on auto-pilot. I’ll show you how to do the same thing for yourself! If you are technically oriented, I’m not sure that’s even a plus. You may be tempted to screw around with technology and not spend your time on MARKETING! So…no, you do not need to be a computer geek to make a pile of dough on the Internet with my system! Just like everything else, I’ll show you the inside secrets of Internet riches you won’t learn anywhere else…and that don’t require any computer skills of any kind!
Qustion 9 : How long does it take to begin to see results?
Answer : Some of the marketing techniques will begin generating leads in a few days. Others will take a little longer, a few weeks. The whole lesson I learned was that within three months you should see tangible results. Within six months, the full effects will be kicking in. After that, you will not remember what it was like to feel frustrated and tight for cash.

Of course, you must understand that if you do not work the program, you will not see the results. I know this sounds stupid, but it has to be said.

Qustion 10 : Do you provide any type of guarantee?
Answer : Yes. As a matter of fact I do! Let me explain. Even though you have everything revealed to you in the system and the extra bonuses, and could easily copy it all, I have an “unconditional” guarantee. What I have is simple: If, within 30 days from the purchase date, you don’t think the system is for you, for any reason, I will refund your purchase price in full. That’s it. Simple, with no catches. I am so convinced that these secrets work as I say they do, that I am going to give you an unrestricted, no B.S., iron-clad guarantee to try it for yourself, with no risk!
Qustion 11 : What is so special about your methods? Why is your system better than the standard marketing techniques used by ad agencies or taught in business schools and big corporations?
Answer : Plenty. As a matter of fact, there is almost nothing I do that is done by ad agencies or big companies or taught by business colleges! You see, I tried all that garbage for several years, and damn near went belly up. The “Brass” at these old line firms are so out of touch with the marketplace it is incredible! They live in a dreamworld, fantasyland of useless and brainless marketing ideas that attempt to build an “image” or “name recognition, which is supposed to sell you products. What a pile of crap! You can’t buy a stick of gum with your “image” or “name recognition!” You can only get money to spend from real, PAYING customers who are induced to buy from you through killer direct marketing. I will show you how to do REAL direct marketing that get responses, and that makes money!

You have only one option if you want to make money in any business now-a-days. Just one, if you want to stop feeling like a victim of these times. As a very smart professional speaker, Lee Milteer, says, “There are no victims, only volunteers!“ The single choice you have is to get educated real quick on how to do “Emotional Direct Response Marketing”. Use this system and stop being a voluntary victim. Start your new life with REAL direct marketing.

Interestingly, when so called big, company “marketing experts” and ad agency types have seen my stuff, they universally tell me how it won’t work. It is too non traditional. Nobody with any sophistication would ever respond to your methods, they tell me. What a laugh! That’s why I’ve sold over 100,000 of these courses, all using my own form of emotional direct response marketing.

I’ll say it one more time. The “big boys and girls” do not have a clue. Not one! Why are these so-called advertising experts creating campaigns that have put companies into big financial trouble from lousy sales? Why are so many companies struggling or actually dying? If they know so much about advertising and marketing, why aren’t they all wildly successful? If the kind of ridiculously crappy advertising you see on TV or in print or on the Internet actually worked, would these companies have such crappy sales? Just because these big dumb companies run this type of terribly ineffective advertising, doesn’t mean it works. All it means is that they have budgeted the money to run the advertising. So they run it, and it doesn’t work, and they budget more money, and it continues not to work. I know people at big companies, and they all admit they have to please the big shots at the company, and they are expected to hire ad agencies to make ads and run them. If the ads please the in-office people and the ad agency by how funny they are, or how cute they are, or how wacky, etc…then they are “good” by the ad agency and in-house ad managers. The fact that 99% of them don’t bring in a dime of sales is an issue that they just don’t care much about.

Example: You may remember the Taco Bell doggie that was in their TV commercials for a couple of years. Everyone who watched TV knew that the little Mexican doggie was the Taco Bell “spokesdoggie”. If you asked anyone what company the little doggie was advertising for, virtually everyone would say Taco Bell. They DID achieve creating an “image“, “name recognition” and “brand awareness”. Recall scores for the commercials were incredibly high. By all measures, the doggie campaign was an overwhelming success!

Except for one minor, tiny, little detail. What was that? Oh, how about SALES??????

See, the “image” and “brand awareness” actually caused sales to go DOWN! The franchisees and Board of Directors were on the warpath. They wanted the cute doggie out…and some advertising that would actually get people in the door and buying some damn tacos! In fact, after the President of Taco Bell wouldn’t get rid of the doggie…they got rid of him! That’s right, the Board fired the President, the advertising VP, and the ad agency who invented to doggie campaign.

So what’s that example tell you? It tells you that advertising that’s cute or clever or funny…doesn’t sell squat! What better proof of this fact could there be than this doggie disaster?

Yet…small companies see this and imitate the crap these brain-dead executives do with big companies, and try to do the same kind of useless, money wasting advertising for their small business. You have to understand that YOU cannot copy these advertising no-minds. YOU have to do what I do…use emotional direct response marketing with my formula to get responses and money back, right away. If you want an “image“ you’ve come to the wrong place. If you want money, welcome home!

The bottom line is simple. My kind of Emotional Direct Response Advertising has brought in hundreds of millions of dollars in sales from my own businesses and my clients/students. Mostly small companies, many home based doing more in sales than “traditional“ companies many, many times their size. Enough said?

Qustion 12 : Couldn’t I just figure this out on my own? Why should I pay you?
Answer : Well, of course you could do this yourself. Just as I did. Simply allow two years of time, and tens of thousands of dollars for testing, and you’re all set. Cavett Robert, the founder of the National Speakers Association, said, “Experience is not the best teacher because the tuition is too high. Learn from other people’s experience!”
Qustion 13 : How do I know your stuff works? Why should I believe you? No offense or anything, but I’ve been burned before and am very skeptical.
Answer : I understand your skepticism, and appreciate your concerns. To address them, I have three responses:

1: You have an unconditional, 30 day money back guarantee that has no restrictions or conditions.No “weasel” clauses. You don’t like what you see, just send it back for a complete refund, no hassles, no B.S. If I wasn’t sure my system was as good as I say it is, I wouldn’t offer such a no-risk guarantee. Right? If my stuff wasn’t as good as I say it is, I would get killed with refunds, and we hardly get any refunds. So…the marketplace is telling both of us the real answer, which is that I’m delivering the goods the way I say I will!

2: Please read the testimonials (CLICK HERE TO READ TESTIMONIALS) I have posted here. These are only a fraction of the letters and emails we’ve received from people whose lives’ we’ve changed by teaching them how to break the bonds of corporate slavery…and get back home where you belong, making money in your underwear!

3: If my Emotional Direct Response Marketing didn’t work as I say it does…YOU WOULDN’T BE READING THIS VERY SENTENCE RIGHT NOW! Right? I mean, think about it. If my marketing techniques worked good enough to get you to this point in this particular direct marketing system, you would not be here! You’d be watching TV, surfing on some other web site, be out bowling, reading a book, mowing the lawn or whatever. Some how, some way, what I did and said, got you to keep on reading, to keep on moving through the marketing system. Right?
Now, you may not buy my program now. You may buy it later. You may never buy it. But you have been, and may continue to be in my Emotional Direct Response Marketing loop for while. Many of you who read this, will buy my program. We know the numbers. Many of you will not buy the program. That’s OK. See, you have to admit one thing, even if you never buy anything from me…the marketing system got you interested, got you to read…and maybe to buy! I hope you can see that this marketing process you’ve been through has worked to at least this degree. And, since a decent percentage of you will buy the course…those of you who do buy, will have gone all the way through the process.

Just think. You’re getting an education in my methods just from having been through my marketing system for this course! Even if you don’t buy, you cannot argue that what I do works, or you wouldn’t be here. See, the system I use to market this course is just a specific application of my Emotional Direct Response Marketing formula, which can be easily adapted to ANY business or product or service!

If you do buy my program, then you’ll see the continuation of how I use my own system to market to buyers of this course. Again, you’ll get even MORE education about my incredibly successful formula from going through it yourself! In fact, just going through my marketing process is such an amazing insider’s look at different elements of my marketing formula that it’s worth buying the course just to see how I do things…the SAME things I’ll teach and show you how to do for yourself!

Make sense? Think about this hard. You’ll have to agree there must be something to all this if YOU have become a prospect and responded to this point! Promise me you’ll give this point some serious consideration, whether you join up with us or not? OK? I want you to have benefited from our interaction whether you buy from me or not right now. And by looking at what I did with you here, you’ll have gotten an education, and that’s great! If you buy, your educational process will continue and amaze you as you not only see how it works, but learn why it works…and most importantly of all…discover how to the same things for yourself…so YOU can sit around your kitchen table, making money quickly and easily!

Qustion 14 : Do you provide any kind of support after I buy your program, or are we left out here on our own?
Answer : Yes we do provide support! When you receive my “Make Money Quick And Easy At Your Kitchen Table In Your Underwear” system, not only will you get all the remarkable components of the system…but you also get a toll-free phone number to call us for help if you have any questions!

See, as complete as my system is, as easy it is to follow and understand the step by step, paint by numbers, fill-in-the-blanks instructions that even a sixth grader could follow…I know you may have questions or want someone to assist you. A real person that you can actually talk to. So…since I owe you the best service I can provide, I have a toll-free question-line for you to call. You will get to talk to a real person, that I’ve personally trained…who can answer your questions!

How’s that for giving you the support you deserve? See, I know that the only way I can be successful with this program, is if you’re successful! So, to assure that you will have the best chance at success, I’ve had personally trained consultants take calls, at our expense, for many years. It’s just another example of how committed I am to you reaching your dreams of making money out of your home…sitting around your kitchen table…in YOUR underwear!

Qustion 15 : Can I afford to pass this by?
Answer : No!

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