Top real estate websites have incredible power to sell homes.

If you read a real estate traffic article that still lists Yahoo Homes on it – you know that article is out of date by many, many years! (I’m looking at you Ebizmba.) Yahoo Homes is completely gone and has been for a long time. It is hard to get accurate data on the most trafficked real estate websites, but we’ve found it.
The top real estate websites have incredible power to sell homes.

According to the National Association of Realtors 95% of home buyers will use the internet to find their next home. Very few homes are sold because of open houses, print ads, yard signs, or any other marketing medium. This is why as the number one home selling agent in Portland (last few years) I pay extra on the top real estate websites for features spots or additional branding for my homes, so they are seen by buyers faster and more often.

This is a giant marketing funnel, where the buyer sees the home online, then next they contact a local buyer’s agent or the seller’s agent themselves, schedule a showing and then make an offer. The more online views, the more showings, the more offers, the better the final sales price and time on market for the seller.

What is a top real estate website?

For the purposes of this article, a top real estate website is one that is used by buyers to find their next home. I’m not including,, or other popular rental websites in this list, only the websites that buyers use in mass to find their next home.